About TOURBILLION Architecture

"TOURBILLION" is a company that created many interesting projects. We are actively in search of current rebuildings in Georgia and try to leave own architectural sign in history. That is very possible with a help of our professional team with such a huge experience and ideas.

"TOURBILLION" carefully studies current processes and trends in the world. As 21st century is a high tech era, we try to include modern technologies and materials in architecture and interior design. Because of these, we totally try to take completely your opinion and ideas in attention and shape them in contemporary and techno look. So in result we get modern architecture, interior and landscape, give you the garenty of  aesthetics beauty, comfortable and nice environment. 


We can make your dreams and ideas true, making out architectural masterpieces. You`ll be firsthanded in building processes and see how idea is realised – started of scatches on the paper, it becomes 3Dimentional after and the project is finished when we get a real, architectural building.

Participating in each project, you`ll enjoy it and find pretty interesting.

                                                                                           Director: Mirian Kapanadze






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